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psp_ps_tutorial's Journal

Tutorials for PS and PSP!
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Welcome to the community! We're here to provide you with PaintShop Pro 7/8/9, and Photoshop Tutorials. In order to post in this community, You MUST read the rules and make sure to follow each one of them.

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#001. You MUST check in the community or in the memories before posting to make sure you do not repost anything.
#002. When Posting a Tutorial you must state what program you are using to make it easier for the users
#003. It's better if you enable the users to use the gradients and textures you are using.
#004. With that said (^) please post where you got all of your resources
#005. No Rude comments
#006. Please, No GIMP or Paint, ONLY PSP and PS!

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greatestlove__ :: icon_tutorial :: icontutorial
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